December 6, 2017

Crystal Keep Podcast 37: Soul Calibur 6, EA loses 3 billion, MEGA MAN 11, Black Mirror, Crisis on Earth-X, Infinity War, Ninja Batman Anime, House of Cards, Fox&Disney, Q&A + Recommendations & MORE

Schedule of topics are below!

~~Gaming Section~~

Soul Calibur 6 !? Also possibly for the Switch!

Abysmal Battlefront 2 User scores

Battlefront 2 EA ludicrous claims

EA looses 3 BILLION dollars in stock due to the failure of
Battlefront 2

New Megaman Stuff!!! AHHHH

Overwatch League Mech and Skins

The “worst video game ever made” is getting a VR sequel

~~Movies/ TV Section~~

Black Mirror Arkangel Trailer

Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends crossover Crisis on Earth-X

Justice League Mustache that cost $25 Mil

First official Infinity War trailer

Daisy Ridley says that Episode 9 is her last… maybe


Why the hell are we getting trailers for trailers now. That aside heres one for Jurassic World 2

House of Cards continuing without Kevin Spacey officially

Fox/Disney deal coming next week (Rumored)

Q&A Sections
Q1 : (Andrew) - Best Videogame or Movie hell to end up in?
Q2 : (Brian) - Princess Peach or Princess Zelda; who would you trip so you could get away from zombies?
Q4 : (Austin) - What 1 Think would you change about Marvel Universe


What’s on the Horizon? (Ending)
What are we looking forward too in the somewhat near future.

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