November 8, 2017

Crystal Keep Podcast 35: SO MUCH NEWS! Mario Odyssey, Guacamelee 2, Fable, AGDQ 2018, BlizzCon wrap, Thor, Stranger Things 2, Kevin Spacey, LOTR Amazon?, Disney buying Fox?, Q&A, and a TON more!


Gaming Section
Amazon Key.

Super Mario Odyssey Recap
Sells through 2 million in 3 days crazy

Microsoft Fable Series

Guacamelee 2 soon-ish!

Monster Hunter World Beta Starts in December

AGDQ 2018 (which runs are you looking forward to, or intend to watch possibly?)

Zelda Ocarina of time (regular) 2ds Bundle leaked for Black Friday

Stranger things PSVR experience coming

Blizzcon Overwatch
New Blizzard Skins -
New “Blizzard World” Map -
New Character Moira -

Wow Classic Announced

Movies/ TV Section
Stranger things 2 review

Thor Review

King Killer Chronicles Set for Showtime

House of Cards to End after Season 6 because Kevin Spacey sexual misconduct allegations

ANOTHER DC CW tv show?

Han Solo movie (80%) was reshot.

Lion King cast,w_680/fl_lossy,pg_1,q_auto/aedax2jdkftd5pwsckoa/lion-king-movie-cast-beyonce-donald-glover

Lord of the Rings TV show coming to Amazon?

Disney in prelim talks of buying FOX

Q1 : (Andrew) - If you were a god, what would you be a patron deity of?
Q2 : (Brian) - You are sharing an apt with Knuckles of Sonic and Knuckles fame. He hasn’t paid rent in 2 months. How do you get your rent money?
Q3 : (Howard) - What Game (before 2010) would you like to see remade in 2017? (Updated graphics, ideas…)
Q4 : (Austin) - You and a super intelligent snail both get 100 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you. What's your plan?

Andrew - Golf Story
Austin - Sexy Rangers
Brian - John Wick 2
Howard - Assassin Creed: Origins


What’s on the Horizon? (Ending)
What are we looking forward too in the somewhat near future. Plug your stuff, then after that we sign off.

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