October 25, 2017

Crystal Keep Podcast 34: Occulus , Difficult Games, IGN Humble Bundle, SNES 3DS, Black Panther, New Mutants, Game of Thrones , Last Jedi, Michael Bay Producing Dora the Explorer, WEIRD QnA & MORE!

Thanks for watching guys, here's the list of topics we talk about:

--Gaming Section--

*Occulus Go

*People complaining about Difficult Games

*IGN buys Humble Bundle… what does that mean for integrity of reviews

*Halo Master Chief Collection & Fixing games after launch

*3DS not dead yet. Getting classic snes edition model

--Movies/ TV Section--

*HBO getting seriously about GOT spoilers. Super Seriously.

*Black Panther Trailer
Can you separate the Art from the Artist?

*Punisher trailer 2

*X Men New Mutants

*Will Last Jedi Deliver?


*Michael Bay producing new Dora the explorer movie


*Spiderman Venom Spinoff is officially underway w/ 1st set picture


--Q&A Section--
Q1 : (Andrew) - Would you rather know when you die but not how, or how you die but not when?
Q2 : (Brian) - Who would love you more? Bowser, Dr. Robutnik or Ganon?
Q3 : (Howard) - What type of apocalypse would you want to go through?
Q4 : (Austin) - I have one, ill just wing it
Andrew - Name of the Wind
Austin - The fractured but whole
Brian - Night Watch (movie) (Russian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhsW42eDfQo
Howard - Warframe(Game)
What’s on the Horizon? (Ending)

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