September 27, 2017

Crystal Keep Podcast 32: Retropalooza 2017, Rick & Morty Talk, Games as Service, Final Fantasy Open Again, Battleborn OVER, IT talk, 1922, Punisher, Orville StarTrek, Best VG Soundtrack & MORE!

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Retropalooza ! October 7&8 !

Gaming Section
Next Final Fantasy May be open world again due to Zelda’s Breath of the Wild Success.

No more Battleborn Updates

Gaming as a Service, lets talk about that.

Shoutout !! Combative Comics

Game Designer Says Developers Would Be More Candid If Gamer Culture Wasn't So Toxic

Atari is back to making hardware

Movies/ TV Section

New Halloween Movie with Jamie lee curtis

IT Review!

Game of Thrones Prequel info

Punisher Trailer!

1922 Netflix Stephen King movie

Q&A Section
Q1 : (Andrew) - Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?
Q2 : (Brian) - What’s your favorite kids game to play as an adult?
Q3 : (Howard) - Rage quit, What is the hardest game you have ever played (The game save is still at that spot)?
Q4 : (Austin) - With the recent dismal failure of Death Note, is there any anime property you think would make a good live action adaptation?
Andrew - Etrian Odyssey Franchise
Austin - Divinity 2
Brian - Attack on Titan - Wings of Freedom - PC

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