April 19, 2017

Crystal Keep Podcast Episode XXII ft. @TheHibikiTMD

Welcome to the Crystal Keep Podcast Episode XXII Featureing @HibikiTMD ! In this episode we talk about tons of stuff such as Overwatch, Star Wars Celebration, NES Mini, Thor, Possible Dragonlance Movie, streaming policies, Guardians of the Galaxy, along with some Q&A and Recommendations. I hope you enjoy! 


Introduction - 0:00

Dragonlance Film? - 12:33

Thor Trailer - 20:36

Overwatch - 33:00

Star Wars Celebration - 55:35

NES Classic - 1:45:09

Game Streaming Policies 2:03:33

Guardians of the Galaxy 2:11:04

Q&A 2:16:00

Recommendations 2:33:30

Ending 2:49:00


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