March 21, 2018

CKP 44: Occulus Bricked, Brigitte Overwatch, Pathfinder 2E, Nintendo Direct, Half Life 3 CONFIRMED?, Fuel Priest TTRPG, Jessica Jones S2 Talk, Infinity War, Embiggen, Q&A + MORE!

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Gaming Section

  • Occulus Rifts just bricked on a massive scale.



  • Mandatory Overwatch talk.
  • Pathfinder 2nd edition was announced, HUGE NEWS



  • Fuel Priest


Movies/ TV Section


  • Jessica Jones 2 discussion


Misc Section


Q&A Sections


  • Q1 : (Andrew) - If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?
  • Q2 : (Brian) - What video game movie do you think they should make?
  • Q3 : (Howard)- Would you live with a AI for your whole life?
  • Q4 : (Austin) - Would you rather find out the universe was created a couple of days ago and all of your memories and knowledge are artificial OR find out that you have been in a coma for the passed 20 years and this question is the doctor using advanced tech to try to signal you to wake up?




  • Andrew -  Paladins
  • Brian - Mafia 3
  • Austin- Cosmic encounters
  • Howard - Monster Hunter World



  • What’s on the Horizon? (Ending)

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